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5-7 June - 48 hours long hackathon


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The HR Hack is an online hackathon where developers and those who are interested in the HR profession can work together to help different areas of HR with technological innovations. Our aim is to support the HR profession with innovative solutions, which, like all field of expertise, is facing enormous challenges due to the new market situation caused by COVID-19 and this requires new solutions.

Join us, spread the word about the HR Hack and don’t forget to use the #hronlinehack hashtag.

Our primary communication platform with the participants will be Slack, join us now!

The hackathon will focus on 3 main challenges:

As a result of the new market situation, many people have become unemployed, they are about to change professions, and are looking for their place in the market. At the same time companies are constantly working to find the unique talent. We are looking for solutions that can help improve the recruitment process as well as creating perfect matches. Do you have any idea?

Creating a friendly environment and a good atmosphere in the workplace are essential for efficient work. In the home office, working far apart makes this extremely difficult. Resolving the situation requires creative, digital solutions that support uniting employees into a community. How would you solve this problem?

Remote working can reduce performance and the organization of useful trainings can only be solved digitally. How would you support maintain a high level of performance in the work from home setup? Do you have any ideas for holding digital trainings or coaching sessions?

What is a hackathon?

A sprint-like event where participants team up and create solutions to real-life challenges in an intense period of time. Using creativity, technology and mentoring, the weekend results in prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovative usages of tech.


The winners of the categories will be awarded. The winning team in each category will receive a prize of HUF 200,000.

CEU InnovationsLab offers acceptance to its incubation program from September subject to the standard terms and conditions of CEU iLab incubation.


  • 16.00 - Hackathon starts!
  • 16.30-20.00 - Mentoring starts!
  • 23.59 - First draft submission deadline
  • 10.00-18.00 - Mentoring sessions
  • 20.00 - Preliminary submission deadline
  • 11.00 - Only an hour to go!
  • 12.00 - Submission deadline
  • 17.00 - Final Live stream

Are you interested to take part of the event?

Register for the event and join our Slack channel, which is the main communication platform for the hackathon.


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Professional partners


Erzsébet Vizaknai

Erzsébet Vizaknai

Innovation Manager

After a few years in aviation I started working in the banking sector mostly in collaboration with startups. Nowadays I am focusing on open banking projects and digitalization by facilitating partnership building with the bank. I can assist participants with product development and pitch training.

Gergely Haskó

Gergely Haskó

Tech Recruiter

I started my career at giant multis, later turned to the smallest possible startup, and slowly turned back to the corporate side, where we are working on our own products. I'm fascinated by tech, learned programming, still try to understand our environment as deep as possible.

Bálint Köcse

Bálint Köcse

Project Excellence Lead

Curious about what makes people engaged. As a Consultant and Project Expert of Kincentric Hungary team I am helping organizations to analyze and understand employee feedback, and act upon to enable colleagues thrive.

Péter Langmár

Péter Langmár

Co-founder & Exec Board Member at Green Fox Academy

Peter Langmar is an entrepreneur and investor, primarily responsible for biz dev and fundraising, with experience in SAAS (Brickflow), education (Green Fox Academy), IT consultancy (Lab.Coop) and early stage incubation (SmartWare.tech) businesses. He obtained his master's degree in Paris and worked for ArtScience Labs Harvard, now studying at the Central European University's executive MBA program. He took part in Estonian (Startup Wise Guys) and Chilean accelerators. TEDx speaker, Forbes magazine 30 under 30.

Dénes Zombori

Dénes Zombori

HR Leader

Dénes Zombori is the HR Leader of the Innonic Group Startup Studio, (Hungary's leading startup studio, with 4 successful companies). Dénes has gained experience in multinational, governmental and startup companies as well before he joined Innonic.

Tamás Barathi

Tamás Barathi

Founder, CEO at Colibri HR Solutions

One of the progressive HR representative in Hungary. Co-founder & Head of business development and sales at Blue Colibri App (Internal Communication and engagement platform), Founder, CEO at Colibri HR Solutions (Employer branding agency), Co-Founder at Zyntern.com (Recruitment platform). 17 years experience in marketing-communication and sales, 8 years experience in HR consulting. HR Innovator of the Year 2015.

Balázs Paróczay

Balázs Paróczay

Global Sourcing Leader

Balazs Paroczay is a globally recognized Sourcing Leader, Keynote Speaker and Talent Acquisition Strategist. Over the last fifteen years, Balazs has been engaged with various global organizations helping them set up best-in-class sourcing functions and organization-wide sourcing capabilities. Balazs uses his experience helping Talent Acquisition teams improve their core sourcing and recruiting abilities to identify, attract and engage with critical talent. He excels at social networking and plays a significant role within the global sourcing communities as a sourcing thought leader, blogger and conference speaker (e.g. SourceCon, truLondon, European Sourcing Summit, UNLEASH, HRFEST etc.).

Éva Uzsák Virág

Éva Uzsák Virág

Managing Director

Market leader of Kincentric. Known for driving disruptive and innovative solutions for different HR challenges with more than 14 years of experience. She was the mastermind of the first HR Hackathons in Hungary: NextHouR in 2014, World of Work Moonshot in 2017. Super excited to support teams to find groundbreaking solutions.

Gergely Hodicska, Felhő

Gergely Hodicska, Felhő


I love creating and optimising systems, furthermore learning and exploring new contexts. I’ve also done this as a developer (e.g. in case of the 30th busiest website in the world or the largest live stream service) and have been doing so for some time now as a leader. It is important for me to be constantly evolving and to be able to create an environment where everyone has room to grow and fulfil their potential. I like it when the collaboration reaches a level where the whole is more than the parts together, and when it’s supported by a culture where it only matters who adds what to this whole thing, not who that person is. I used to be the Head of Engineering at Ustream, now I’m VP of Engineering at Bitrise, and I’m working to make both our engineering team and the entire company a true learning organisation.

Zsuzsi Szabó

Zsuzsi Szabó

Human Resources Manager at Instructure

Hello, i'm Zsuzsi, currently working for Instructure as an HR Manager. I have comprehensive HR knowledge including, recruitment, recruitment services, reward and compensation, learning and development both in start-up and corporate culture.

Dorka Nagy-Józsa

Dorka Nagy-Józsa

CEO at Y2Y Hungary Kft.

Hello, I am a professional business coach, Founder & CEO of Y2Y Hungary Ltd. With my team, we provide leadership/process/organization development programs for startups, SMEs & large multinationals. Before becoming a full-time executive coach in 2016 I worked 15 years on the field of the supply chain in various management positions.

Lénárd Horgos

Lénárd Horgos

Partner at Absolvo Consulting

A founding partner and director of the international advisory firm Absolvo Consulting, having 15+ years international and CEE-focused experience in various business areas such as growth financing, raising venture capital for scaleups and growing / talented startups in technology & innovation-driven industries, growth strategy formulation and execution, international investor relations and full scale buy-side and sell-side M&A advisory.

Viktor Göltl

Viktor Göltl

Manager of HR Services at WHC Ltd

I am Viktor Göltl, 40+ and for the last 20years I’ve been stuck in the HR like Winnie the Pooh in the honey. As an HR service provider, I see HR working well-or-less-well in many companies, while I am one of the owner and service-manager at our company. I love challenges and getting better every day really motivates me.

Balázs Zentai

Balázs Zentai

CTO at Talentuno

25 yrs in SW dev, mainly in fintech, banking. CTO for 13 yrs from startup to multi. Last yr in HR tech at Talentuno.

Eszter Németh Ivy

Eszter Németh Ivy

Project Manager at HR Fest

I began my career as an educational professional in the adult education industry. Following that I was an HR manager for a group of small companies doing all aspects of HR. I am currently the project manager of HR Fest, I am responsible for the operational management of the team.

Ferenc Hegedűs

Ferenc Hegedűs


I'm kind of the swiss knife of the IT Development in Telenor. :) I had many roles in the company but in the recent 5 years I'm focusing on IT innovation and digital transformation while we try to reshape the way of work, the tools and our people.

Zita Nagy-Földi

Zita Nagy-Földi

Talent, Capability and Resourcing Lead at Vodafone Hungary

A result focused, reliable and enthusiastic HR professional with experience in HR project management and HR transformation. Passionate about change management and supporting organizations and people in their transformational journey to fulfilling their potential and delivering exceptional service to their clients.

Gábor Nádai, Mefi

Gábor Nádai, Mefi

Engineering Manager at Bitrise

My name is Gabor Nadai, but you can call me Mefi. I'm an Engineering Manager, currently working at Bitrise, former VP of Engineering at ingatlan.com. My mission is building awesome communities and teams to create great software, which truly helps people.

Zsolt Balaskó

Zsolt Balaskó


I’ve been working in the ICT sector for 20 years. I started my career in a startup as a developer and worked there for 10ys. I learned a lot there about business development and people management as I’ve led my own department of 60 people. In Telenor, I’m an ambassador of innovative mindset, agile way of work and how to adopt it into enterprise culture.

Bea Bedő

Bea Bedő

Co-Founder, CFO, Mentor at Impact Hub Budapest

Well experienced in leading project based teams, launching companies, stating risk areas and over-viewing the operation of various organizations, a financial strategist and controller, as well a statutory auditor. The Co-Founder of Impact Hub Budapest, which is a social enterprise and leading incubation and acceleration programs, from early stage to investment readiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A sprint-like event where participants team up and create solutions to real-life challenges in an intense period of time. Using creativity, technology and mentoring, the weekend results in prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovative usages of tech.

Who can participate?

Anyone with an idea related to any of the three topics is more than welcome to join! No prior hackathon or coding experience required.

What about the team formation?

The teams are not limited to any size. You can have as many or as few team members as you wish, it’s up to you. If you’re looking for brand new team members, join our Slack channel.

Can I participate alone?

Yes! It is possible to participate and compete on your own.

I have an idea, what do I need to do?

  1. Find your mates if you want to.
  2. Register to Junction App and join Slack too!
  3. Start hacking and working on your project!
  4. Submit your project to the registration platform by 12 pm on Sunday.

How do I register a team?

All things registration-related happen on the Junction App.

  1. When registering on the Junction App, choose Yes when asked if you’re applying as a team.
  2. Click the ☰ icon in the top left corner of the page and go to Team page.
  3. If you’re the team lead, click Create a new team. Otherwise go to step 5.
  4. The platform now generates you a unique team code. Send this team code to your team members.
  5. If you’re a member of a team, ask your team lead for the team code. Go to the same Team page and insert the team code to Join an excisting team. If you haven’t received a code from your team lead, ask the team lead to follow these instructions.
Link sharing is not possible through the Junction App, so please share the team code between all team members for example in Slack or by email.

What do the different challenges mean?

The challenges divide the hackathon into three categories, covering different areas of HR. The organizers and the jury will select the best projects from each category to be presented in the live final on Sunday.

How can I submit my project?

You must submit your project in 2 minutes YouTube video format, and we will ask you for some basic information on the form. In the video you have to present everything related to the project: presentation, demo, etc.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • 40% - Feasibility
  • 30% - Business effect - potential impact on the future of HR
  • 20% - Sustainability
  • 10% - Innovativeness

Is participation free of charge?

Yes, the hackathon is free to enter.

Can I participate with an idea / solution that you have already started working on?

Yes, the main focus is to bring forward solutions to support the field of HR.

Who owns the intellectual property of the hackathon projects?

Always the team who created the project - not HR Hack organizing team nor our partner companies.

Where is the HR Hack organized?

The event is held 100% online. We use open Slack workspace as the main platform for communication and Junction App for the hackathon submissions.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Join our Slack workspace, write us a message and we will help you out.

Károly Varga

Károly Varga

Main Organizer
Ágnes Fojtó

Ágnes Fojtó

Sales Representative
Gergely Tóth

Gergely Tóth